VPAA 00-05

October 17, 2000


  1. Charge of the Committee

    The charge to the Enrollment Management Advisory Committee is to provide advice to the Dean of Enrollment Management on issues such as recruitment, retention, and time to graduation. The members, drawn from many areas of the campus, can provide valuable perspectives on these issues that will inform the activities of the Office of Enrollment Management. The members will review planning documents and be kept abreast of institutional data relating to recruitment and retention, especially as it relates to their various areas of responsibility. Members will suggest ways to improve working relationships in the university to further a stable and modestly growing enrollment.

  2. Membership

    Dean, Enrollment Management, Chair (non-voting)
    Dean, Undergraduate Studies
    Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
    College Dean, 1-year term, by rotation
    Director, Admissions
    Director, Financial Aid
    University Registrar
    Enrollment Management Analyst
    Lead Analyst - Analytic Studies
    Executive Director, University Advancement
    Director, Budget and Institutional Data
    Director, EOP/Special Services
    Director, Housing (Student Affairs)
    President, HSU Alumni Board
    Faculty Representative, 3-year term, appointed by the Senate Appointments Committee
    Faculty Representative, 2-year term, appointed by the Senate Appointments Committee
    Staff member, appointed by the Dean for Enrollment Management
    Student representatives (two), appointed by Associated Students
    And other individuals as required

Distribution: Deans and Directors

This committee replaces the Enrollment Planning Committee established in Executive Memorandum
P98-06, which will cease to exist.