VPAA 01-05

March 11, 2002




Charge of the Committee:

The Department of Nursing undergoes periodic curricular and administrative reviews, and engages in both long and short term planning.  The Department of Nursing can benefit highly from formal and informal input from its community of interest.  The Advisory Committee will provide input on nursing issues and trends that impact curricular and policy decisions for the Department’s planning processes, periodic program review, state approval by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN), and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) Accreditation. 



The committee shall consist of members representing several facets of the health care industry (community based care, long-term care, acute care, etc.), nursing education, nursing administration, and nursing practice. All members of the committee shall share an interest in the discipline of nursing, and agree to provide honest and constructive feedback to the Department of Nursing.   Members are as follows:

HSU Department of Nursing Chair or designee

Directors of Nursing or their designee, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Mad River Hospital, Sutter Coast

Hospital – Crescent City, Jerold Phelps Hospital Garberville (N=4)

Director of Nursing or designee – Long-term Care facilities

Director of Nursing or designee - Humboldt County Mental Health Services

Director of Nursing or designee - Home Health Services:  Mad River; St. Joseph’s

Director of Nursing or designee - Public Health Department

Staff nurse members (2): 1 acute care; 1 long-term care

Peri-natal nurse (1)

Advanced practice nurse (1)

HSU Nursing Department alumnus (1)

HSU student nurse (1)

Community or public members (2): 1 member not associated with health care agency or a professional provider of health care

College of the Redwoods faculty member (1)

HSU Department of Nursing faculty member (1)

The appointing authority for the Humboldt State University Department of Nursing Advisory Committee shall be the Dean for the College of Natural Resources and Sciences.

The term of office shall be three years.





The Department of Nursing will schedule meetings twice a year.  Minutes of the meetings will be kept in the Department of Nursing.