Faculty Handbook



100General Information
200Principles of Administration
300The System of Instruction
400The General Faculty and the University Senate
500Faculty Membership
600Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
700Administrative and Academic Positions and Areas of Responsibility
800Committees, Councils, Associations and Boards  (Updated February 2020)
900Services and Procedures


AThe Role of the Faculty in the Accrediting of Colleges and Universities
BStatement on Government of Colleges and Universities
CHumboldt State University Administrative Organizational Chart
DThe Mission and Goals of Humboldt State University
EConstitution of the General Faculty of Humboldt State University (Updated May 2020)
FUniversity Senate Constitution (Updated November 2020)
University Senate Bylaws and Rules of Procedure (Updated November 2020)
GIntegrated Curriculum Committee Bylaws and Rules of Procedure (Updated April 2018)
Integrated Curriculum Committee Workflow Diagram
HStudent Discipline
JFaculty Personnel Policies and Procedures for Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (Updated May 2019)
KGuidelines and Policies for Review and Range Elevation for Unit 3 Temporary Employees (Updated May 2019)
Guide for Preparing the REP (Updated May 2019)
LLiability of State University Employees
MPersonnel Policies and Procedures for Coaches (Updated September 5, 2017)
PAcademic Freedom and Tenure (Updated December 2020)
RGrievance Policy and Procedures for Students Filing Complaints Other than Discrimination or Unprofessional Conduct Against Faculty, Staff and Administrators
UStatement of Professional Responsibility (Updated March 2013)
WTravel Policy for Academic Personnel