Academic Resources

The Office of Academic Resources oversees the fiscal administration and resource allocation for the Division of Academic Affairs. 

Policies & Guidelines


Faculty Replacement Rate Development

Fiscal Year2016-172017-182018-192019-20
Effective Date7/1/167/1/177/1/187/1/19
Per WTU Rate$1,838$1,903$1,970$2,019
Vacant Rate Salary Reimbursement Rate (15 WTU x 2 Semesters)$55,152$57,090$59,100$60,552
Benefits Rate as a % of Annual Salary48%49%49%50%

Lottery Funding Distribution:  FY 19-20


FY 19-20 Lottery Funding


University Library:  Collections and Subscriptions*


CPS: Teacher Recruitment Program


Academic Programs: Pre-Doctoral Programs Allocation


Enrollment Management: HOP and EMVP


University Wide: Future Scholars


Total FY 19-20 Lottery Funding

*In 19-20, the Library collections and subscriptions allocation was increased to $582,258, with a corresponding decrease in the Library's operating fund budget.  There will not be an open call for lottery discretionary funding for 19-20, as all lottery resources are already being fully leveraged.



FY18-19 Lottery Distribution


Library: Collections and Subscriptions


Academic Programs: Pre-Doctoral Program 


Nursing BSN Expansion (D20005 P0315)


CPS: Teacher Recruitment


University Wide: Future Scholars

12,000Enrollment Management:  HOP Support
25,742Student Affairs: Discretionary 
15,000Native American Forum:  Renewal, Resurgence, & Revitalization
13,000Geography: 100 Garmin GPS units 
13,662Marine Laboratory: Student Stockroom Improvements
5,226Zoology: Microscope Slide Refreshing and Enhancement
10,135Environmental Science & Management, Forestry & Geography: Rugged Tablets and RTK receivers
22,551KRA:  Metabolic Cart
4,518Pysch:  Refresh Student Computer Lab
15,000ITS:  Captioning High Risk Media Titles
10,000Library:  Video Closed Captioning Phase 2 
10,000Library:  New Group Study Space
782,924Total FY 18-19 Distribution
In 18-19, student support funding (RAMP Mentors, Big Time, EOP, Preview Plus, Learning Center, and SDRC) historically funded through lottery was instead base funded in the operating fund to ensure minimum wage increases are covered going forward given much of this funding supports student wages.   In addition, the Library collections and subscriptions allocation was increased to $511,850, with a corresponding decrease in the Library's operating fund budget.


Lottery Discretionary Funding Distribution: FY 17-18

FY 17-18 DistributionFY 17-18 Project or Funding Area
 $            2,000Academic Programs: Pre-Doctoral Program 
 $          10,000Nursing BSN Expansion (D20005 P0315)
 $          15,000CAHSS: Piano rebuild
 $            8,932CAHSS: Film production equipment
 $            7,709CAHSS: Bioanthropology lab equipment
 $            8,580CNRS: Supplemental instruction/GE Math Course
 $            6,240CNRS: Peer-mentoring and tutoring in CS Gateway courses
 $          10,601CNRS: New teaching equipment for Marine Lab
 $          14,740CPS: Refresh student computer lab
 $            5,050CPS: CTL Faculty Book Group (1 cohort)
 $          72,240CPS: Teacher Recruitment
 $            6,930CPS: Undocumented student resource project
 $            4,500ITS: Illustrating accessibility barriers through eyes of students
 $          15,802Library: Thesis project support
 $          10,000Library: Video collection (accessibility/caption enabled media)
 $          16,464CMC:  Big Time event support
 $       268,350Library: Collections and Subscriptions
 $          94,000RAMP Mentors
 $          34,000Learning Center Student Tutors
 $          21,000EOP Access
 $          30,000Academic Affairs: Preview Plus
 $          30,000University Wide: Future Scholars
 $          12,000EM: HOP
 $            8,500SA: SDRC Access
 $          25,742SA: Discretionary
 $            1,740SA: SDRC Student Workers
 $      740,120Running Total of Proposals Set Forth









Lottery Discretionary Funding Distribution: FY 16-17

FY 16-17 DistributionFY 16-17 Project or Funding Area
 $            2,000Academic Programs: Pre-Doctoral Program 
 $            8,000CAHSS: Music 40 Student Chairs 
 $            7,449CAHSS: Music-High quality string bass and case
 $            1,142CAHSS: Music-Software
 $            3,887CAHSS: Music-Tenor Saxophone
 $            9,500CAHSS: TFD Equipment 
 $          52,000CNRS: Computer Refresh 
 $          10,769CNRS: Geology - 1 petrographic microscope
 $          12,704CNRS: Physics - 20 Items of Scientific Equipment
 $          23,000CNRS: Scientific Equipment
 $          88,993CPS: Teacher Recruitment
 $          10,000CPS: Video equipment for Psychology Community Clinic
 $          20,500ITS: Library 121 26 station computer refresh
 $          34,000ITS: Library 122 43 station computer refresh
 $          19,375ITS: SH 118 25 station computer refresh
 $          14,725ITS:SH 119 27 station computer refresh
 $       268,350Library: Collections and Subscriptions
 $          12,000Library: Hosted server cost
 $          49,540Library: Student Employment for Seismic Project
 $          21,000RISS: EOP Access
 $          34,000RISS: Learning Center Student Tutors
 $          94,000RISS: RAMP Mentors
 $          30,000EMSA: Future Scholars
 $       826,934