Administrative Memoranda


VPAA 24-02Academic Calendar 2024-2025
VPAA 24-012024/2025 Faculty Personnel Action Dates


VPAA 23-11Department Name Change to Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
VPAA 23-04Academic Affairs Policy on Support for Non-Citizen Faculty – Visa Application (Replaces VPAA 18-01)
VPAA 23-03
2023/2024 Faculty Personnel Action Dates


VPAA 23-02Department Name Change to School of Engineering
VPAA 23-012023-2024 Faculty Personnel Action Dates
VPAA 22-08Department Name Change to Department of Forestry, Fire, and Rangeland Management
VPAA 22-07Academic Calendar 2025-2026 (DRAFT)
VPAA 22-06Academic Calendar 2024-2025 (DRAFT)
VPAA 22-05Academic Calendar 2023-2024 (Approved)
VPAA 22-04Department Name Change to School of Applied Health
VPAA 22-03Academic Calendar 2022-2023 (Approved)


VPAA-22-022022-2023 Faculty Personnel Action Dates


VPAA 21-01
Fall 2020 Grading Policy                                                                                
VPAA 21-02Academic Integrity and Honesty Policy
VPAA 17-04Academic Calendar 2020-2021 (Revised December 2020)
VPAA  21-03Academic Freedom Policy
VPAA 20-022020/2021 Faculty Personnel Action Dates (Revised December 16, 2020)
VPAA 21-04New Administrative Unit
VPAA 21-052021/2022 Faculty Personnel Action Dates


VPAA 19-01Policy on Changes in Majors (Replaces VPAA 10-04)
VPAA 19-02Policy on Second Majors (Replaces VPAA 10-03)
VPAA 19-03Excess Enrollment Support Policy
VPAA 20-01Policy on the Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) (Replaces P15-01)
VPAA 20-022020/2021 Faculty Personnel Action Dates (Revised December 16, 2020)
VPAA 20-03Humboldt Policy for Online Education (Replaces P17-04)
VPAA 20-04Policy on Certificates
VPAA 20-052021/2022 Academic Calendar - DRAFT (Revised May 12, 2021)
VPAA 20-062022/2023 Academic Calendar - DRAFT (Revised February 23, 2022)


VPAA 18-01Academic Affairs Policy on Support for Non-Immigrant Probationary Faculty - VISA Acquisition
(Replaces VPAA 17-01)
VPAA 18-022019/2020 Faculty Personnel Action Dates (Corrected August 5, 2019)
VPAA 18-03Department Name Change to Geography, Environment, and Spatial Analysis


VPAA 17-01Academic Affairs Policy on Support for Non-Immigrant Probationary Faculty - VISA Acquisition (Replaces VPAA 04-03)
VPAA 17-022018/2019 Faculty Personnel Action Dates
VPAA 17-03
2019/2020 Academic Calendar - DRAFT
VPAA 17-042020/2021 Academic Calendar - DRAFT  (See December 2020 Revision)


VPAA 16-01

Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) Metamorphosis and Name Change to Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE)

VPAA 16-02Procedures for Appointing Faculty to Self-supporting Academic Courses in College of eLearning and Extended Education
VPAA 16-032017/2018 Faculty Personnel Action Dates
VPAA 16-04Merger: College of Extended Education and Global Engagement (CEEGE)


VPAA 15-01

2016/2017 Faculty Personnel Action Dates

VPAA 15-02Self-Support Program Faculty Buy-out Rate
VPAA 15-042017-2018 Academic Calendar - Draft
VPAA 15-052018-2019 Academic Calendar - Draft
VPAA 15-06Name Change Center for Community-Based Learning
VPAA 15-03Self-Support Program Net Revenue Distribution
VPAA 15-07Self-Support Program Academic and Administrative Oversight


VPAA 14-012015/2016 Faculty Personnel Action Dates
VPAA 14-022016-2017 Academic Calendar - Draft


VPAA 13-10CEEE Advisory Council
VPAA 13-092014/2015 Faculty Personnel Action Dates
VPAA 13-082015-2016 Academic Calendar - Draft
VPAA 13-07Transfer of EAP and PIQE from OAA to EMSA
VPAA 13-06Creation of the Department of Leadership Studies
VPAA 13-05Name Change ORECD


VPAA 13-042013-2014 Faculty Personnel Action Dates
VPAA 13-032014-2015 Academic Calendar
VPAA 13-02Name Change to College of eLearning and Extended Education
VPAA 13-01Name Change to Indian Tribal & Educational Personnel Program
VPAA 12-072013/2014 Academic Calendar - Draft
VPAA 12-06Organizational Change in Academic Programs


VPAA 11-01Resolution on Faculty-Initiated Drop for Non-Attendance
VPAA 11-02Establishing Program Currency Requirements Policy
VPAA 11-03Program Review, Evaluation and Planning (PREP)
VPAA 11-04Updates to the "Academic Standing" and "Academic Probation & Disqualification" Policies in the Humboldt Catalog
VPAA 11-052012/2013 Academic Calendar - Draft
VPAA 11-06Policy on Awarding Certificates of Achievement and Posthumous Degrees (See University Policy [P17-07])
VPAA 11-07Name Change to University Senate
VPAA 12-032012/2013 Faculty Personnel Action Dates
VPAA 12-04Diversity and Inclusion Campus Advisory Council (Supersedes EM:P06-08 Diversity Plan Action Council)
VPAA 12-05Name Change to Office of Distance and Extended Education


VPAA 10-01Policy on Disenrollment after Census
VPAA 10-02Policy on Independent Academic Work (IAW) Courses Numbering and Naming
VPAA 10-03Policy on Second Majors (Superceded by VPAA 19-02)
VPAA 10-04Policy on Changes in Majors (Superceded by VPAA 19-01)
VPAA 10-05Special Topics (ST) Course Policy
VPAA 10-06Department Name Change to Humboldt International Center
VPAA 10-07Humboldt Internship Policy
VPAA 10-08Service Learning (SL) Designated Courses Policy
VPAA 10-09Minimum Passing Grade Requirement for Graduate Degree Policy
VPAA 10-10 Department Name Change for Department of Computing Sciences
VPAA 10-11Name Change to Academic Programs
VPAA 10-122011/2012 Faculty Personnel Action Dates
VPAA 10-13Name Change to Humboldt Center for International Programs


VPAA 09-01 Department of Nursing and Department of Psychology
VPAA 09-02 Academic Affairs Budget and Institutional Data Restructure
VPAA 09-03 International Programs Reporting Structure
VPAA 09-04Humboldt Policy on Issues Related to Withdrawing from Courses
VPAA 09-05Academic Calendar 2010/2011
VPAA 09-05-a2010/2011 Faculty Personnel Action Dates
VPAA 09-06 Name Change to CRGS
VPAA 09-07Name Change to Environmental Science and Management


VPAA 08-01Department of Government and Politics Name Change
VPAA 08-02Academic Calendar 2008/2009
VPAA 08-03Academic Calendar 2009/2010
VPAA 08-04 Humboldt Policy on Improving Undergraduate Student Writing (FORM)
VPAA 08-05Department of Diversity & Programming Name Change- Revised 05/29/09
VPAA 08-06Revised Final Evaluation Week Policy
VPAA 08-07 Faculty Personnel Action Dates 2009-2010


VPAA 07-012008/2009 Personnel Action Dates
VPAA 07-02Humboldt Policy on Content of Syllabi

2006 - 2007

VPAA 06-01Department of Health and Physical Education Name Change
VPAA 06-02Standardized Student Evaluation Questions, effective AY 2006/07
VPAA 06-03Department of Education Name Change
VPAA 06-04School of Business Organization Structure Change
VPAA 06-05Academic Calendar 2007/2008
VPAA 06-06Revised Graduate Program Review Policy
VPAA 06 #072007/2008 Personnel Action Dates
VPAA 06-08Learning Management System - Moodle
VPAA 06-09Department of Physics Name Change
VPAA 06-10Department Merger of Forestry & Watershed Management and Rangeland Resources & Wildland Soils

2005 - 2006

VPAA 05-01Department of Industrial Technology Name Change
VPAA 05-02Personnel Action Dates
VPAA 05-032006/2007 Academic Calendar
VPAA 05-04Revised 2006/07 Personnel Action Dates

2004 - 2005

VPAA 04-01Administrative Reassignment of the Department of Social Work to the College of Professional Studies
VPAA 04-02bPeriodic Evaluation of Tenured Faculty Unit Employees (Updated April 9, 2019)
VPAA 04-03University Policy on Support for Non-Immigrant Probationary Faculty-Visa Acquisition (See VPAA 17-01)
VPAA 04-04Policy on Student Participation in Study Abroad Programs
VPAA 04-052005/2006 Academic Calendar - Revised

2003 - 2004

VPAA 03-01Provost's Council (formerly known as the Joint Council of Deans, Directors and Faculty Leaders)
VPAA 03-022004/2005 Academic Calendar
VPAA 03-032005/2006 Academic Calendar
VPAA 03-04University Policy on Support for Non-Immigrant Probationary Faculty - Visa Acquisition

2002 - 2003

VPAA 02-01Department of Forestry and Watershed Management
VPAA 02-02Newly Independent Department of Economics

2001 - 2002

VPAA 01-01Department of World Languages and Cultures
VPAA 01-022002/2003 Academic Calendar
VPAA 01-03International Resource Committee
VPAA 01-04Marine Science Advisory Committee (MSAC)
VPAA 01-05Nursing Department Advisory Committee
VPAA 01-062002/2003 Academic Calendar - Revised
VPAA 01-072003/2004 Academic Calendar
VPAA 01-08Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences (ENRS)

2000 - 2001

VPAA 00-01Policy concerning the payments by Extended Education to academic departments which generate concurrent enrollments
VPAA 00-02Cal Poly Humboldt Forestry Advisory Committee
VPAA 00-03Fisheries Department Name Change
VPAA 00-04Formation of Advisory Committees
VPAA 00-05Enrollment Management Advisory Committee
VPAA 00-06 (2)CAHSS Community Advisory Committee
VPAA 00-072001/2002 Academic Calendar - Revised

1999 - 2000

VPAA 99-01Appendix K of Humboldt Faculty Handbook - Guidelines and Policies for Review and Range Elevation for Unit 3 Temporary Employees


VPAA 95-01Guidelines and Polices Concerning Course Credit Units, Class Schedules, and Course Numbering


OAA Memoranda dated before 1995 is available in the Office of Academic Affairs, Siemens Hall 216.